Examples of Markup: "Nuts and Bolts" and More (banner)

What does typical markup look like?


Link to PDF of sample text before editing
Link to PDF of typical handwritten markup
Link to PDF of typical machine markup
Link to PDF of final version

This is some sample text as it appears before editing.

This is what typical handwritten markup on paper looks like.


Handwritten markup is always prepared, whether your return will be via e-mail (machine markup) or via personal handoff,
s-mail, or courier service.

This is what typical machine markup of copy looks like.


A "tracking" or "versions" feature, such as found in Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect, is used to make the edits. You receive your return via

This is what the final version looks like.


This final version incorporates the identical edits you see in the handwritten- and machine-markup versions shown.

Additional examples of markup may be found under Pricing & Payment.

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