Typical Workflow: Getting It Done Together (banner)

How do we work together?

Editing is almost always to some degree a collaborative process. The following steps walk you through the process of our working together on the project you have in mind.

Step 1

You Submit a Request

Simply fill out the form you see on the Your Purposes page and submit it.

Step 2

Your Request Is Reviewed and Accepted (if Possible)

We work out the timeline together.

You provide your contact information and best availability so that we can easily communicate to resolve any questions that come up.

We agree on pricing and payment. You acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms found on the Pricing & Payment page.

If the work is to be charged for on an hourly basis, we will have arrived at a mutually agreeable estimate for the job (in order to calculate an amount for the initial payment).

If the work is to be charged for at a flat rate (available solely for screenplays), then the page count determines the cost.

We work out the details of conveyance and return.

We agree on any style particulars (spelling of terms, such as e-mail versus email or website versus Web site; formatting, such as for telephone numbers; and so on).

Step 3

You Submit Your Material and Payment

You submit your material by s-mail, courier service, e-mail, or, in certain cases, personal delivery.

You make payment on a PayPal invoice you are sent; via a personal or business check you mail, send by courier, or hand deliver; or in cash in person.

If your work is being charged for on an hourly basis, you pay half the agreed-on guesstimated total up front.

If you are submitting a screenplay, you pay the total amount up front.

Step 4

Work Commences

Once payment has been received, work commences. (If you are a new client paying by check, work commences once your check has cleared.)

Any questions that come up get resolved as efficiently as possible by telephone (preferred) or e-mail.

If the project billing is on an hourly basis, such time is charged for at the same hourly rate as for the editing itself.

Telephone contact is possible between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.

Step 5

Work Is Completed and Your Edited Material Conveyed

If the work is being charged for on an hourly basis, you receive an invoice for the remaining balance due (based on the total actual time), you pay the balance due, and your work is delivered to you by the means agreed on. Otherwise, if you have prepaid the total, your return markup is simply sent to you upon completion.

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